Financial loss from cyber activity rises almost six fold
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Fraud Cyber crime
Planning permission extension is good news all round, not least for developers and housebuilders
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Listed building consent and planning permissions
CASE STUDY: A race to possession when a borrower defaults on their financial obligations
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If the property is leasehold and the borrower ceases to make payments on their mortgage, not only is the lender affected, but the freeholder (or landlord) is too. This can mean a lender risks losing their security if they don't act quickly enough.
CASE STUDY: Our Perfect Title Policy protects our clients if their property's land value plummets, leading to unexpected costs
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Our lender client was protected under our Perfect Title Policy when the developed value of the land plummeted from over £260K, due to an unknown underground pipe, owned by the Water Authority.
When is an urn an urn and could it really become a listed building?
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Listed Building Liabilities
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