Privacy Policy

In some cases online facilities can be used without identifying yourself, but when you choose to provide information for contact purposes, or make a transaction which identifies you, such as a purchase, then some personal data must be collected.


We respect online privacy and protect any information gathered online. This page describes what information we collect, and how it is used. In brief:


• Once you enter personal data we undertake that it will be used only for the purposes for which it was gathered, or to enable or enhance our ability to support you

• It will not be passed on to any third party

• It will be stored securely and only for as long as is required

• Information left on your system will be kept to a minimum


Information left on your systems

In some cases your web browser will accept and store a small amount of text that is stored on your hard drive. These are called “cookies”. You can control whether you wish to accept “cookies” as your browser can be set up to accept, reject or ask about any Cookie placement.


However, Cookies are often essential to the correct functioning of a website. In particular, modern browsers can be set to accept them only from sites with a published privacy policy which states, as this one does, that they are being used in a benign way.


Legitimate use of cookies is normally limited to information about the progress of a transaction, or about options, preferences or passwords previously set on a site. They are also often used to store your shopping cart as you make purchases. In some cases you will not be able to use a system without allowing some cookies to be placed.


Non-personal access information

When you access a website some information is sent which identifies the network address you are connecting from. This information contains no personal information except to record that somebody from that network address accessed a certain page of the site.


This information is used for system and network trouble shooting, and for statistical purposes, only.


Personal information collected

Using our online facilities, you can order products and services, ask to receive information or make contact with various departments of our organisation. To do this we can collect the following types of information:


• Contact; name and address, contact numbers and email addresses.

• Demographic; age, gender, occupation and education level, and so on.

• Product; data about your use of our products and services, including details of your systems.

• Financial; billing information, transaction and credit card information, delivery details


Where information is not essential to process a given transaction or request it is optional.


How we use personal information

Data provided is normally only used for the direct purposes for which it was collected. We may occasionally use it to improve our services. Or to provide personalised facilities on our website. One exception is Credit card numbers, which are used for payments only and not retained.

Some sections of the site might record information that can be used for market research or contact purposes, for example to notify you of changes or offers. In cases where we may initiate contact in this way you will always be provided with an option to receive or not receive such contact.


Who we share it with

With the exception of third parties acting on our behalf, for example data centres or delivery companies, data is never shared with any third party unless we are legally required to, have your permission to, or must do so as an implied part of the transaction entered into. For example we will have to submit credit card information to a bank or payment centre. In particular your details will not be passed on for marketing purposes. Data can be passed within our group, or combined data from other sources, for example written contacts, this data will only be used for the purposes stated above.


Other web sites

Where we provide on our website, direct links to another website not under our control, we accept no liability for the content of, or your use of, that other site. You should also be aware that these systems have their own privacy policies.