Title insurance - shout it from the Rooftop
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Title insurance – shout it from the Rooftop

6 December 2007 – London & European (L&E), a leading provider of insurance services

and solutions designed to enhance the speed, simplicity and security of property

transactions, today announced that it has extended its relationship with Rooftop



L&E has title insured a proportion of Rooftop’s remortgage portfolio for the past four

years. Under the terms of the new agreement between the two companies, L&E will

extend the provision of its market leading title insurance for lenders across Rooftop’s

entire mortgage portfolio including both purchases and remortgages. In addition,

Rooftop will now implement L&E’s web-based conveyancing solution – Complete –

across its remortgage portfolio and will recommend this service to brokers for all sales

and purchases.


Rooftop business development director Alison Beech says: “The challenging conditions

that the UK mortgage market is currently experiencing means that lenders must stay on

top of their service offering to retain competitive advantage and ensure the customer

experience is a good one. Extending our relationship with L&E will allow us to do just

that. Accessing L&E’s Complete web based conveyancing solution will provide us with

greater control over the transaction process, delivering a speedier conclusion as well as

cost savings to our brokers and their customers. At the same time, extending the

application of title insurance across our entire mortgage portfolio raises the bar in terms

of security – an issue that has become increasingly important in light of recent events to

lenders, brokers and borrowers alike.”


Christian Bearman, Sales Director at London & European, added: “Over the past couple

of years, title insurance has increasingly been accepted as a true risk management tool

by specialist lenders. However, with the aftershocks of the sub-prime meltdown in the

US continuing to ripple through the UK mortgage market, traditional lenders are also

looking to secure their mortgage portfolios and we are also experiencing an uptake in

title insurance for purchases as well as remortgages.


“Lenders are increasingly looking for a fully integrated solution in terms of improving the

control they have over the mortgage completion process as well as the security of each

transaction. Combining title insurance cover that has been designed to take into

consideration the needs of the capital markets with the control of a web-based panel

management solution delivers results. Lenders are assured of the quality of the

conveyancing, the efficiencies achieved in terms of speed and cost, and the security of

the actual transaction.” 

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