Bank rate rise: duck for cover?
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The recent rise in the Bank of England?s base rate from 0.25% to 0.5% had been widely predicted. Some lenders had already raised their rates before the announcement, and others swiftly followed suit.
Hanging tough
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Concluded in late June, Theresa May's deal with the DUP for a 'confidence and supply' arrangement within the House of Commons has attempted to bring a degree of certainty to an otherwise uncertain climate. Following calls for the Prime Minister to resign after a very disappointing General Election result, it seems that Theresa May's position has been bolstered for the time being.
Record breakers
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Mortgage rates hit a record low in April, with the Yorkshire Building Society announcing a rate of 0.89% over a two-year period.
Titlesolv brand to incorporate London & European
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Titlesolv and London & European are consolidating under the Titlesolv brand.
Titlesolv and London & European to combine article
Posted by: Titlesolv
Titlesolv and London & European are coming together under the Titlesolv name in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for risk management solutions in complex property transactions.
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