The Dimensions of Risk: Fighting Fraud
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In the first of a series of articles for Bridging & Commercial, Titlesolv's Harcharan Lidher explores one of the key elements of risk for the lending community: fraud.
Title Indemnity - In Property Transactions
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Property Transactions: How Title Indemnity has evolved in the Irish Market At some stage in their career working within property law, the solicitor will be faced with a situation where their client maybe challenged on the grounds of their right of title. The property can become an unacceptable proposition to the purchaser and lender alike, and chains collapse. Resolving such title problems can be expensive, time consuming and stressful. Title insurance protects owners from unexpected third party challenges against any defects in title which may affect an owner?s ability to use or develop the property. The cover provided by our title insurance enables land to be developed, mortgaged and used, notwithstanding a range of title defects; for example, restrictive covenants or defects in the legal access to land.
Planning reform - a solution to the wrong problems?
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The announcement of additional measures for the further reform of judicial review has been greeted with mixed emotions. The concerns that any proposals limiting the ability to pursue judicial review must be "looked at with great care" are ones we share.
Titlesolv expands planning capabilities with major hire
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Titlesolv, the leading provider of title insurance and indemnity solutions for the property market in the UK and Ireland, has today announced the appointment of Paul Denholm as Specialist Underwriter, Planning & Judicial Review.
Seeking a trainee assistant underwriter
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We are part of Hannover Re group of companies which is one of the world's largest re-insurer. We are one of the leading insurers of risks involving title and related areas of property and property finance.
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